I am surprised in so many ways how effected I was by my week in Singapore. I do feel changed by the experience and the shift in my perception of work, of place, of site, of my practice is nothing short of seismic.

Those I spent time with were so generous in showing me, telling me and discussing with me what Singapore is, how it came to be and at what speed. I absorbed information as if I was a sponge. I also covered ground quickly – literally as well as mentally. Yet there was also a sense of timelessness to my stay – I roamed and watched, absorbed smells in the humid air, visited and explored. I was enthralled, I wanted to ask questions, it was all so different, ‘foreign’ and yet it was also so easy. There did not seem a need to sleep, and I ventured out every evening amazed at the vibrancy and the safety, the ease with I could trust myself to the city.

I visited many landmarks – new and old, but my highlight was walking to the wetland and mangroves on a long hot afternoon on Pulau Ubin, listening on the way to the sound of the trees and watching the texture of the shadows.

Randy was tireless in showing me and telling me stories of this city, he pointed things out, interpreting many layers. I could not have had a better guide, to hold a mirror to this city, explain its complexities, and talk candidly and with passion about his life, his work, his sense of this place. (He ordered food very well and I enjoyed food like I have not for a long time).

The Garden and our project excites me, its something new this experience of collaboration and exchange. I feel proud and honoured to have been partnered with Randy and I am learning so much everyday from this thread – this connection – this work we are producing.

Images L-R

Philippa Lawrence measuring out the Kapok Tree Site, Crystals found by the Band Stand in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Measuring site for pods

Found Crystals at Botanic Gardens September 2013