Genevieve Chua (b.1984, Singapore) researches the fear of the unknown. This process involves the appropriation of Southeast Asian horror towards new narratives. These new stories are often realised as a website, installation or drawing. She was a recipient of the NAC Georgette Chen Scholarship in 2003/4.

In Singapore, selected solo exhibitions include Adinandra Belukar at the Singapore Biennale 2011; Child and the Beast at Objectifs (Singapore, 2011); As Brutal As: A Drawing Show (Singapore, 2007), Raised as a Pack of Wolves, at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival (2009), Full Moon and Foxes at the Atelier, National Museum of Singapore (2009).

The artist has also participated in shows such as Future Proof (Singapore, 2012); BMW Young Asian Artist Series II (Singapore, 2011); Art Project Ideas at Hiroshima MOCA (Japan, 2011); Cross-scape at the Kumho Museum of Art (South Korea, Seoul, 2011); Shadow in the Dark (Hong Kong, 2011) and CUT 2009: Figure, New Photography from Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur; Singapore 2009).

She has developed works at residencies in Singapore Tyler Print Institute, The Banff Centre, Gyeonggi Creation Center and C-C-C Shizuoka.

Photo credit: Alexa Vanegas